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, maximum pepsi taste. [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight is the united states ambassador to nato. please welcome ambassador ivo daalder. [cheers and applause] hello, sir. nice to see you. come and sit. how are you? >> great. >> jon: it's nice to see you. i would think people would be surprised to find out that we have an ambassador to nato which is not a country it's a group of fighter jets. [ laughter ] but is this -- have we always had an ambassador? does each country have an ambassador? >> we're 28 members and each country has an ambassador just like in the united nations where each country has an ambassador there. nato was a military alliance so we do have a lot of fighter jets as countries but i'm -- i represent the united states at this small little round table where we do a lot -- >> jon: is it really a round table? >> it really is. it's round. >> jon: all 28 countries. >> how little is the table. is it giant? how uncomfortable. in terms of spacing how much room do you have around this small table? >> got news is the united states comes last in the alpha
for himself and not the president of the united states. >> david axelrod tweeted this "what vp said that all married couples should have exactly the same legal rights is precisely the position." >> jon: hash tag bieber just a refresm. he said it's the position because vp said hash tag gay marriage good lol. it's probably not as simple as vp and potus have same position. jay carney. >> let me be clear. the vice president said what the said about the protection of rights with citizens is consistent with the president's position on this issue. the president has spoken about this. the president is the right person to describe his own personal views. he, as you know said his views on this were evolving. >> jon: ah. [ laughter ] so with regards to gay marriage the vice president's new position is consistent with the president's position which has not changed and is also changing. [ laughter ] that's not a social policy that's a zen cone. mr. carney -- >> it is as it was, yes. [ laughter ] >> jon: it is as it was. [ laughter ] and what master is the sound of one man sweating? and why are they sweat
and applause). >> jon: there you have it. the president of the united states is gay. (laughter) friendly. gay friendly. (laughter) damn you, ellipsis. (laughter) and i think we all know who deserves the credit for this. >> i'll take a lot of credit. (laughter) >> jon: so exciting positive news for equal rights for all citizens, a symbolic victory that can in no way be dampened by the codifying of bigotry in-- let's say the state where the democrats are going to be holding their convention. (audience reacts) >> north carolina voters passed a strict amendment to their constitution that bans same-sex marriages. >> jon: congratulations, north carolina, for a moment i was feeling a brief glimpse of what i guess doctors would call happiness and a full heart and i appreciate you ending that. by the way, in your zeal to protect yourselves from the gay menace there isn't any chance you may have, i don't know, created some collateral damage pho *pbs the heteros. >> it also bans civi civil uniod domestic partnerships-- and get this, not just for gay couples but straight couples in the state, too. >> oop
) >> jon: finally,-- from its president of the united states. of course the president still believes it is an issue best left to the states. but they're not complaining tonight. it's a great day when the president of the united states says on national it was gay people should no longer be relegated to only planning other people's weddings. it's not right! it's like putting a cat in charge of the goldfish toss game. it's not fair! you're just torturing the cat. let him eat the fish or move him down to the clown. that's a better game for the cat. what are we talking about? i forgot already. gay marriage. many were suggesting that the president's hand was forced by his vice president old flubs mcgill cutie of the delaware blabbermouth by addressing the issue with his remarks on "meet the press" last sunday. >> so you are not up set with february. >> would i have preferred to have done this in my own way. >> jon: i'm sorry mr. president, i apologise for cutting you off there, i'm having trouble hearing you because of all the [bleep] birds! did you film this at the white house or the rain
as part of the christian faith. >> what this would mean for the spiritual health of the united states of america if a worshiper of a false god occupied the white house. >> jon: yes! you would never want someone in the white house who worshipped a different god than you. if i may, as a jew-- ( laughter ) you get used to it. ( laughter ) ( applause ) but of course, those comment were made while romney was still duking it out with real christian candidates. now that a false god has triumphed, what are you going to do? >> given the choice between a christian like barack obama, who embraces non-biblical principles, like abortion, and a mormon like mitt romney, who embraces biblical principles, there's every reason to support mitt romney in this election. >> jon: simple math. ( laughter ). i hate barack obama more than i love jesus. whatever the reason, at least conservatives will now finally cede their anti-mormon attacks to the group that's supposed to be making anti-mormon attacks, godless democrats. >> montana's democratic governor, brian swrietser, touched a nerve, asked about govern
from where he sliving. these are guys were very careful. >> now when the united states begins to suspect that bin laden or somebody from high val you oof al qaeda is living there, they don't actually ever find out. >> right. >> there is no soirt of polaroid moment as one of the people in the book says. i mean and leon panetta director of the cia was very afraid, they obviously had satellite picture but couldn't see inside the compound and bin laden occasionally would go out with a walk but did so under a tarp. there was never a picture. the president's decision was based on entirely circumstancesal evidence. >> the in-- incredible, i think, if there is a moment in the book that say little bit gasp inducing is they're talking about probability and they say even when they are red lining the intelligence, some people are still saying i think there is a 40% chance he is there and someone in the room mentions the probable that bin laden is there is less on the circumstancesal evidence than that there ar are-- then there were wmds in iraq. >> yeah, i mean that is sort of amazing com
if i kept screwing around in class. mr. mills, i'm about to high five the president of the united states. captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh
tonight she's the first lady of united states. she has written a book called "american grown: the story of the white house kitchen guard and gardens across america." please welcome back to the program first lady michelle obama. [cheers and applause] how are you? >> good. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> jon: nice to see you. >> it's good to be here. good to be back. >> jon: nice to see you again. this is my book. >> jon: it's called "american grown." you as first lady, everybody has an issue. you decided i'm going to take on this idea of getting children to eat well. >> yes. >> jon: wouldn't you have been more successful with let's say colonization of mars? lafer laugh as a parent of two children, unless this garden sprouts cheeseburgers, no. [ laughter ] how -- what gave you the idea to do this? it was really my experience as a mother trying to get my kids to eat well. you know what most people don't know we're seeing an epidemic of childhood obesity. one in three of our kids will be over weight or obese and we're spending billions of dollars in health care costs for prev
Search Results 0 to 42 of about 43 (some duplicates have been removed)